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With both treatment and preventative services, we offer the most advanced solutions to keep your home rodent FREE.

Keeping your home rodent free.

Are you wondering how is this different from a regular rodent service or general pest service?

So with the rodent exclusion service, it is a more focused service solely focusing on sealing and blocking any access points that a rodent might have. This service also includes mouse treatment and a 60-day guarantee. Our techs will inspect your home and come up with a treatment plan and seal all accessible access points with foam, steel wool, special boarding and wire sheets wherever necessary. We will place bait boxes as well as glue boards and will return to reinspect in 7-10 days. We will discuss the progress with you and if any problem arises you have your guarantee and we will return at no additional charge to you. Call and receive a quote for a service today 914-236-0454

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